Stranger Among Us is a 1992 American drama film directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Melanie Griffith. It tells the story of an undercover police officer's experiences in a Hasidic community. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.[2] It is often cited as one of Lumet's two failures of the 1990s, the other being Guilty as Sin (1993). Despite the poor reviews suffered by both these films, Lumet received the 1993 D. W. Griffith Award of the Directors Guild of America. The film was also the first credited role for actor James Gandolfini. The shooting of this movie was used as an example in Lumet’s book Making Movies.


Melanie Griffith — Emily Eden, a hardened New York detective and the main protagonist. Eric Thal — Ariel, Leah's brother and the rebbe's adopted son. Mia Sara — Leah, Ariel's sister and the rebbe's adopted daughter. Tracy Pollan — Mara, the fiancée of Yaakov and the main antagonist. Lee Richardson — Rebbe, Ariel, Leah, and Mara's adopted father. John Pankow — Levine, Emily's second partner. Jamey Sheridan — Nick, Emily's first partner. James Gandolfini — Anthony Baldessari, a criminal and Christopher's younger brother. Chris Latta — Christopher Baldessari, another criminal and Anthony's older brother. Jake Weber — Yaakov Klausman, Mara's fiancé and Ariel's best friend. David Margulies — Lt. Oliver, the superior of Emily, Nick and Levine. Rena Sofer — Shayna Singer, Ariel's basherte

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