Motoshandu is a sea monster that destroys any boat floating above the Turtles' mating grounds. At first it attacked a family's motor boat and then it tried to eat Daphne Blake but ended up biting most of her surfboard off. Later it scared Shaggy Rogers into destroying Crunchy's boat. Later that night it wrecked the gang's boat and scared them into the ocean seafloor after Scooby-Doo zaps it with two Electric Eels. As it appeared again on the seafloor, it chased after Shaggy and Scooby up to the surface where Daphne saves them and defeats the monster with tthe Tital Wave making it crash onto shore. The monster was all along a mini sub covered with green rubber and inside the sub was ironically Crunchy. Velma defies every question Shaggy asks her.

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